Marco V Co. is a vertically integrated cigar company.  This means that we control everything from the planting of the seeds of the tobacco, to the blending of the cigars, to the final distribution.

Our farm in La Canela lies near the River Mao just west of Santiago. La Canela is widely known in the cigar industry to produce the highest quality tobacco in the world. Not one leaf from this farm is used in any other cigar brand. Our plot of land is monitored by mist filled mountains in a location only accessible by horseback.  
Our farm in Jalapa lies in a valley surrounded by sprawling mountains near the northern border of Nicaragua.  The tobacco that comes from Jalapa contains rich tobacco sweetness and is consistently found in the highest rated cigars in the world.

  The tobacco is  harvested, cured, aged, and rolled into a Marco V Cigar.   Everything is done by hand.

Marco V Co. was born from a school project by Marco V. Keiser while he was in business school in Minnesota.    The project was focused on bringing a cigar to market where the quality could be guaranteed on every single stick.   This project in 2008 led Marco and his team on a very long journey to the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua where they established the beginning of Marco V and what has now become a reputable, national, boutique cigar brand.  

Each Marco V product is inspired by Marco's life experiences and aims to be the highest quality in the industry.


"The best cigar of the 2013 IPCPR"


"A world-class smoke that fits the working man's budget."

- Review Blog

"The construction is perfect, the flavors are pleasant, and it is probably the best value in the industry."

- Cigar Posse Blog


"This cigar is certainly worth the money"

- Toasted Foot Cigar Blog


"I highly recommend this cigar"

- Cigar Obsession Blog


"I would highly recommend that anyone who has a chance to grab some of these - that they do"

- Nice Tight Ash Blog



We enjoy premium cigars, premium wine, premium whiskey, and premium coffee.

We enjoy high quality, handmade products by boutique brands.

We support small businesses and appreciate the value they bring to a community.

We stand against huge conglomerates, mass manufacturing, and huge government.

We value relationships and feel that all successes, big or small, should be celebrated.

From this, Marco V was born.


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